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Chris Baptiste


Christopher “Cpbkey” Baptiste is an accomplished Keyboardist, Music Producer, Composer, Arranger and all around entertainer! Chris figured out at a very young age that music was one of his first loves! He always says that before he could ever speak he could hear… In those early days he would sit in the pews of St. Luke Baptist church in Harlem, NY with his family and listen to all of the singers and music fill the room! He says that the organ always garnered most of his attention! Chris’s mother is the big music connoisseur of the family and she’s the one who gave him the keys to it all with one small bit of advise! She told him that “Earth Wind And Fire is the greatest band of all time”! He took that to heart and never believed anything else! When you see and hear Christopher “Cpbkey” Baptiste you’re witnessing the culmination of the Black American expierence raised by the Church, the R&B, the Blues, the Hip-Hop and the Soul that birthed the same sound that carried him and so many others from where we were to where we are now…and into the brightest of futures!